Baby Boxer Shorts

Buying gifts for babies is so much fun isn't it?! But you don't want to get the same thing everyone else will get the child... an outfit from the local big box store, a toy, a blanket.

How about something more unique and thoughtful?

At Posy Lane we have unique baby gifts; like these Baby Boxer Shorts by Mint.

Sizes Available: 0-6 mths, 6-12 mths, 12-18 mths

Cotton Chambray, or Seersucker material is used for the shorts. Seersucker Baby Shorts from Posy Lane can be customized as well as the Cotton Chambray shorts. Add an embroidered set of initials, or a full name embroidered to the shorts. Choose your font and thread color, and then feel satisfied with your unique baby gift.

Mint Seersucker Shorts or Embroidered Seersucker Shorts will be the highlight of the next baby shower you attend!