About our embroidery

Embroidery and applique are our specialty!  You may see other websites do 'free' embroidery, so why don't we do that?  The 'free' embroidery is a combination of three things - it is already baked into the price of the item, the quality, embroidery size, depth of options, and turn-around time are not the same, and we stand behind the products we sell.


We offer 37 embroidery fonts (26 print fonts, 10 script fonts, and 20 are kid friendly), all of which can be previewed with your text and thread color!  Sometimes the lettering in a name does not look good in an otherwise cute font.  With our embroidery preview function, there is no more wondering how that name will look in your chosen font, and don't you want to be sure you will like the look of your desired name in the font you like?


We can monogram in all of our embroidery fonts, plus we have a number of monogram-only fonts.  And we have added a little more energy to monograms with modern formats and monogram borders that accent your initials!



We use commercial embroidery machines Our commercial embroidery machines product tight, clean embroidery

We use professional embroidery software, which produces clean, clear stitches.  And on larger or thicker letters we use a Fill stitch, which uses many, many small stitches that won't snag.  It takes our embroidery machine much more time to sew than the alternative Satin stitch, but big Satin stitches snag easily, and once some threads are cut, the embroidery starts to unravel.


The items we sell will last many years, and our embroidery will last just as long.  And we are not afraid to go big.  If you like larger embroidery, please note this in special instructions.


Absent special instructions, we make the Goldilocks decision - embroidery that is not 'to small' or 'to big'.  If you like big or small embroidery, please note it in the special instructions.


How to I enter monogramming initials?
Be sure to select one of our styles of monogramming, and then enter the initials in the boxes.  We will correctly arrange the initials for the monogram.


What if I want to embroider regular initials?
There is no reason why you can't use the regular embroidery option since we embroider the text exactly as entered - including letter case.  But if you want an optional border around your initial(s), choose the Initials option.

Please be sure you enter all the initials you want - if you enter two but wanted three initials, we won't know if you don't alert us.


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