Big kid nap mats

If you have a bigger kid, you will quickly find that most big box store nap mats are geared towards young toddlers.  If you have a child needing an extra long nap mat, or extra wide nap mat, there are still options!  Keep in mind that all of our options are machine washable.


That said, just how big does a nap mat need to be?  The table below shows average and 95th percentile height for boys and girls from age 2 to 8.   A 52" nap mat is going to serve 95% of boys and girls until age 6.  The average height boys and girls will be able to use a 52" until about age 7.


Boys Girls
Age Average height 95th percentile Average height 95th percentile
2 34 36 34 36
3 37.5 40 37 40
4 41.5 43 40 43
5 43 46 42 46
6 46 49 45 49
7 48 52 48 52
8 51 54 50 54

Table 1 - child age versus required nap mat size chart


Giant Ozark Mountain Kids nap mats
These are the largest commercially made nap mats on the market.  At 28 inches wide, and 58 inches long, they work for average height children to age 10, and the tallest children to age 8.  They are 2.5 inches thick and made with a plush, soft fabric that compels you to stroke it.


My Nap Pak

At 24 inches wide by 55 inches long, My Nap Pak nap mats are some of the biggest for both length and width, but at a very competitive price point.  They are 1 inch thick, which is typical, and have a simple fleece blanket measuring 32 inches wide by 37 inches long.  Only a few brands are thicker than one inch.  That caveat is that My Nap Pak nap mats are no long in product for 2013 or the first half of 2014.  We do expect them to come back next year.


Stephen Joseph nap mats

At 24.75” x 52.5”, Stephen Joseph is a strong runner up for size.  They are made of a soft velboa (fancy way of saying soft, low pile fuzzy polyester suede) fabric that wears well.  The blanket is 25 inches wide by 41 inches long (but is closed at the bottom so does not fit quite as large a child than the dimensions suggest), and a lot warmer than a fleece blanket.  That makes this a good choice for cold rooms.  They are also 1 inch thick.


Janiebee nap mats

At 24 inches x 53 inches, our Janiebee nap mats are also well suited towards bigger kids.  Janiebee has a standard line of nap mats, but ours are 24 inches wide, versus their standard 20 inch wide size.  The blanket is 30 inches wide by 44 inches long so fits a much larger child than the other nap mats.  And the blanket is a warm double layer of minky dot fabric so performs the best in cold rooms, and the nap mat is 2 inches thick, much thicker than My Nap Pak or Stephen Joseph.  It is a comfortable choice for hard floors or cold floors.


Our nap mats for big kids are the biggest we know of.  If you know of larger, please let us know!


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