Custom dog coats and jackets

Dogs get cold in winter too, and just like people they benefit from the warmth of a jacket.  Our custom dog coats by PAWear are the best on the market because of their thickness and fit.  They are made from two layers of fleece, and we take four measurements of your dog to create a jacket with the perfect fit!  If you are the owner of a very large breed of dog, you can now get exactly what you want in a custom fitted dog jacket.


Custom jacket for a BIG dog! Custom jacket for a BIG dog!

If you have a BIG dog, you may have already struggled to find a jacket big enough and perhaps resorted to shopping for in the miniature horse department.


No dog is too big for our jackets - and no dog is too small!  If you have custom needs in a jacket, please send us a message at the time you place your order so we can accommodate your dog.


Not only are our custom dog jackets the best, but we have the best personalization options.  Add your dog's name and your phone number in case you are ever separated from your best friend.


Dog jacket custom order diagram Dog jacket custom order diagram

We ask for four measurements to properly fit the jacket to your dog.  Measurement (1) is the length of the coat, but it does not have to be the length of your dog's back.  You can make the jacket longer or shorter as your dog needs.


Jacket lengths of 22 inches and below close up with Velcro only.  Jacket lengths of 23 inches and above secure with both Velcro and plastic snaps.


The plastic snaps sit to the side of your dog, not under, for comfort.

Five dogs wearing custom jackets! Five dogs wearing custom jackets!
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