Do you need digitizing?

What is digitizing?  Many customers have an image file of a logo they would like embroidered.  Image files like your computer uses (.jpg/.gif/.png for example) contain information about lots and lots of dots and the color of each dot.


The file that an embroidery machine uses contains information about threads - where does a thread start and stop, times thousands of threads.  Image files need converted to machine embroidery files, and the process is called digitizing.


If you have never had your logo embroidered before, then you do need digitizing.  If have had your logo embroidered before, someone had it digitized but you may not have the file and you may need it done again.  Often other embroidery companies charge for the service, but don't give the customer the file.


We charge a fee for the service (it takes time to make sure the result looks good), but you own the digitized file and you should never need to pay for it to be done again.


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