Dream Maker nap mat review

Dream Maker nap mat with 5 year old boy Dream Maker nap mat with 5 year old boy

We have many years experience selling cute nap mats with innovative features, and now we are introducing our own Dream Maker nap mat which we think has a very compelling feature set for the money!


Other manufactures have been selling quality nap mats for many years, and it is hard to improve on their good designs.  By the end of the review, I hope you will agree that we have.


With nap mats, there are lots of important features.  Padding thickness, nap mat size, blanket size and blanket warmth appropriate for your child and room temperature, pillow size, materials used, and ease of rolling up.


It is hard to get Everything in a nap mat to be ideal for ever single person.  Compared to other nap mats in it's class, we improved:

• Velcro closure
• Wider blanket
• Huge pillow
• All cotton sleep envelope


Our Dream Maker nap mats work for child up to about age 7.  The picture at right shows a five year old boy, 44" tall, resting happily on a the nap mat.


Wider blanket Wider blanket
Velcro closure! Velcro closure!
Bigger pillows! Bigger pillows!


Bigger pillow
We offer the biggest removable pillow design in all-in-one nap mats.  It runs the full width of the nap mat, allowing your child to move is his or her sleep without waking up.


The extra blanket width is significant The extra Dream Maker blanket width is significant

Velcro closure
Little fingers can't do knots on tie-based nap mats.  My big fingers find the ties difficult.  The Dream Maker uses big, 2" x 2" Velcro squares to easily close up and open.


Cotton envelope
Your child now sleeps in a cotton envelope - cotton breathes and wicks moisture, and allows children to nap longer than synthetic fibers.  Other nap mats in this class are double thick minky dot, which is pretty warm for many kids.  A child who is a bit to warm when sleeping tends to sweat, and be restless.


Wider blanket
The blanket is wider than other nap mats in this class.  Double-thick minky dot blankets are generally 30" wide.  This is fine for kids up to about age 5, but nap mats in this class are long enough for about age 7.  For kids aged 5-7, 30" wide blankets are often not going to be wide enough to close up and snuggle with.  The 35" Dream Maker nap mat blanket width won't be an issue for your child.

Dream Maker nap mats have a fantastic pillow! Dream Maker nap mats have a fantastic pillow!


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