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Embroidery preview instructions
(embroidery preview is part of the embroidery order process on the product page)


Have you ever held back from picking a cute embroidery font because you just didn't know how it would turn out?  There are a lot of cute embroidery fonts, but with letter spacing, shapes and angles, some fonts are just not right for some names.  And the reverse is sometimes true, your name of interest just looks perfect with one particular font.


But it can be very difficult to picture how a name will look by just looking at a few characters of the alphabet (or even a full alphabet printout).


Preview your name in our embroidery font options! Preview your name in our embroidery font options!

Here is how to use our preview function.  On the product page, look for the personalization options.


1.  If the embroidery options are not expanded, click the Yes option by Personalize.


2. Then select the Embroidery option from the Embroidery/Monogram selector.  Preview only works for Embroidery.


3.  Once done, a new button called Preview will appear at the top.


You can continue with font, thread color and embroidery text selections in the main form, and then preview the result.


Or you can make any or all those choices in the preview box.


Then preview your embroidery! Then preview how your text will look after embroidery!

The embroidery colors are very close to the actual thread colors, but the color selector in the main form shows color blocks created by the real threads.


And please keep in mind that the embroidery text shown may be stretched to better fit the product.


Once complete, pressing select will move all your choices to the main form.  You can see more information about our embroidery here.

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