Embroidery service instructions

Our embroidery service form has a lot of options, and this guide explains how to get your order entered.


Embroidery service help Embroidery service help

Generally folks need one of two services - putting a name on fabric, and embroidering a logo on fabric.


If you would like to put a name or monogram on an item, and would like to pick the font and thread color, pick Yes on option #1 and No on option #2.  If you put a name on the item, the order form will allow you to preview how the text will look with the font and thread color you choose.


If you want to embroider a logo, say No to option #1 and Yes to option #2.  If you have the digitized embroidery file, please email it to us, or you may need digitizing.


Embroidery machines occasionally eat items.  If our machine eats one of yours, we will refund the item's declared value in option #3.  That being the case, the embroidery service fee changes slightly depending on the item's replacement value.


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