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International Shipping
We ship internationally just about every day.  While shipping inside the USA is a flat $9.50, we cannot offer international shipping for the same price.

With international orders, after the order is placed, we will calculate the shipping fee.  If is close to the international flat rate fee of either $12.50 (for Canada) or $15.50 (all other countries), we will absorb the difference.  If it is substantially more, we will inform you of the international shipping rate options, and you will have the option to pay the difference or cancel the order.  We won't obligate you to additional postage without your consent.

International Order Tracking
We can't track all orders beyond the shipment leaving the USA or entering your customs.  Because we can't track international shipments to your door, by ordering from, you accept that international orders are deemed as delivered once the shipment leaves the United States Postal Service tracking system.

International Delivery Times
Delivery time for international packages is typically within 10 days to two weeks, but can be significantly longer for reasons beyond our control.  Packages can be delayed for:

• Taxes Owed
• Local worker strikes
• Customs inspection
• Errors made by your post office
• Time it takes to get the package to the correct country

The tracking number will make the package appear to be "stuck" in some American city.  This just shows the American city the package left the USA from when it entered your country.  Tracking then stops, and all you see is the American city from then on.

Might import/duty/sales/VAT/other taxes apply to you?
While we are not an international company, we ship around the world every day and it is impossible for us to inform each foreign customer about what import/duty/sales/VAT taxes they might be subject to.

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