Ozark Mountain Kids giant nap mat cleaning guide

The Ozark Mountain Kids giant nap mats should not be washed in a top loading machine with an agitator.  It is possible for the agitator to tear the fabric.  The minimum washing machine size for these nap mats is 4.2 cubit feet.  Because these nap mats are so big, they will be damaged if your washing machine or dryer can catch or pull or have parts the blanket can wrap around.

We do not replace the nap mats for washing or drying mishaps.  Please don't wash or dry these mats in a machine that does not comfortably fit the mat, or in a machine that can catch or tear the fabric in any way.

We occasionally get reports of damage done to the these giant nap mats, and it almost always goes back to a washing machine!

They should be washed in cold water and the gentle cycle, and dried on low heat.


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