Posy Lane discount codes

From time to time we get inquiries about what discount or coupon codes we might currently have running.  In general, we don't use discount or coupon codes.  We try to have fair pricing for everyone, and it never makes anyone feel good to make a purchase, and then find out there was a discount code they missed out on.  We do offer a code in three general cases:


For reviews on Insider Pages, yelp, or Merchant Circle, we offer a $10 discount on orders of $25 or more.  To claim the code, please do a Google search for 'posy lane' and then choose either Yelp, Insider Pages, or Merchant Circle, and write a review.  Then email us at sales@posylane.com when the review is visible and we will send you the code.  Limit one code per customer.


For fund raising.  If you are part of a large non-profit organization (usually PTA's), we can give you a coupon code for your members to use.  Every quarter, we will give your organization 5% of the sales generated by that code.


Finally, we periodically do free shipping Friday.  We announce it on Facebook the Friday of the special.  The best way to take advantage of that is become a Facebook fan!

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