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We have a large selection of kid items like nap mats and backpacks.  We do our best to take great photos of each nap mat and backpack, but just seeing a product picture by itself does not give the best sense of sizes.  So we spend a lot of time taking pictures with different brands together, or with the same child using each product.


This page shows all the product reviews and comparison guides we have!


Our products are safety tested, and often made in the USA

Every few years there is a big news blow up with children's products - lead is found in the paint, melamine is found in the baby formula, flame retardants are found in the nap mats.  Ok, the last one only made the local news.  Nap mats from big box stores/ecommerce sites are more often than not found to contain flame retardants, often ones banned from children's sleepwear decades ago for being known carcinogens.


None of our children's products are treated with any flame retardant, formaldehyde, or polyurethane.


All-in-One nap mat brands

All in one nap mats have build in padding and attached blankets and pillow cases.  There is nothing to get lost!  There are many manufactures of all-in-one nap mats and we only carry brands that have a good value for the money and are durable.  None of our nap mats are treated with flame retardants.  Not all states allow the use of this nap mat style in day care facilities or schools!  Please check the regulations in your state here.


We have a detailed guide on what to look for in a child-safe nap mat


Mint nap mat review

Mint nap mats are entry level, but work for most kids up to age 4.
• The nap mat measures 18.5" x 46"
• Blanket measures 31” x 31"
• About 1" thick
• The pillow & blanket are attached
• Pillow insert is removable
• Sturdy nylon shell
• A single layer polyester fleece blanket

Ozark Mountain Kids nap mat review

OMK nap mats are 2+ inches thick and work most kids up to age 4-5.
• Nap mat measures 21" x 47"
• Blanket measures 29" x 32
• 2.5" thick - like a mattress!
• Polyester fleece blanket
• Built in pillow is not removable
• Very soft, plush fabric!

 My Nap Pak nap mats

My Nap Pak nap mats are great for bigger kids without a huge price tag.  They work to ages 6-7 for most kids.

• 80% polyester and 20% cotton.
• 24" x 54" in size
• Shoulder strap & velcro closure for roll up & easy transport.

 Stephen Joseph nap mat review

Stephen Joseph nap mats are over the top cute!  Although long, the bottom blanket attachment means they work for most kids to age 5 or so.

• Nap mat measures 24.75” x 52.5”
• Blanket measures 25” x 41”
• 1" thick
• Bottom attached blanket is double layer fabric

 Janiebee nap mat review

Janiebee nap mats are big, high quality, thick,and designed with multiple coordinating fabrics!  For ages 6-7.

• Nap mat measures 21" x 53"
• Blanket measures 30" x 44"
• 2" thick
• Double thick minky dot plush blanket

 Dream Maker nap mat review

Dream Maker nap mats have the best pillow, are high quality, big, thick, and designed with coordinating fabrics.  For up to age 7.

• Easy Velcro open/close!
• Nap mat measures 21" x 54"
• Blanket measures 35" x 44"
• 2" thick polyester batting
• Included 13" x 19" pillow
• Three fabric segments

 OC Daisy nap bags

• The Napbag is easy to carry!
• Carrying bag and pillowcase are attached
• Soft and durable, double-sided Minky fabric
• Fully washable, just remove the pillow
• Sleeping area is 30" wide by 53" long
• Folded, measures 18" wide, 14" high and 6" deep.
• Inside appliques designed to face the child as they lay in the bag.

 Giant OMK nap mat review

Giant Ozark Mountain Kids nap mats are the biggest on the market.  For up to age 12.

• Nap mat measures 28" x 58"
• Blanket measures 37" x 60"
• 2.5" thick - like a mattress!
• Polyester fleece blanket
• Built in pillow is not removable
• Very soft fabric!



Kindermat/Daydreamer nap mats

Many schools and day care facilities require waterproof sleeping mats - often because of state laws.  It is also a sanitary issue, waterproof mats help prevent potty accidents from making it into the carpet.  Your child generally won't want to sleep directly on a vinyl mat, so we have both basic and all-in-one covers for these mats. Kindermat cover review

Our covers have the best attached pillow on the market!  For kids up to ages 7-8.

• Overall nap mat length of 54 inches
• Nap mat width of 19 inches
• Blanket measures 46" x 36
• Minky dot pillow case and blanket
• 13" x 19" pillow is included
• Pillow size is best in class Daydreamer cover review

Our covers have the best attached pillow on the market!  For kids up to age 9.

• Overall nap mat length of 58 inches
• Nap mat width of 24 inches
• Blanket measures 46" x 36
• Minky dot pillow case and blanket
• 13" x 19" pillow is included
• Pillow size is best in class


Kids Backpacks

We have sizes great for a toddler's first backpack, and bigger kids backpacks great for elementary school!  Our two most popular brands are Mint, with classic good looks and clean design, and Stephen Joseph with cute themed designs.

 Picture kids backpack review

See the same child model all the kids backpacks.  Don't receive your backpack in the mail and be surprised at how big or small it actually was, get in the know!

 Mint toddler backpack review

A great introductory backpack size for toddlers that still works for most kids to about age 5.

• 8” x 11”
• Nylon
• Two zippered pouches
• Will not hold a three ring binder

Stephen Joseph quilted toddler backpack review

Cute themed backpacks that are a great first backpack, and works for most kids to about age 5.

• Larger size just holds a three ring binder
• 100% cotton
• Magnetic snap
• Drawstring closure

Jaq Jaq Bird backpack review

A medium sized kids backpack with matching and attached lunch tote.

• Lunch tote is attached to backpack!
• Lunch tote is included in price!
• Backpack is 10" wide
• Backpack is 14" tall
• Backpack is 5" deep

 Stephen Joseph GoGo backpack review

A medium sized sized backpack for bigger kids.

• 13" high x 12" wide
• Holds a three ring binder
• 5" deep
• Adjustable straps
• Wipe clean vinyl

Mint medium kids backpack review

Our biggest kids backpack holds three binders.

• 15" x 13.5"
• Nylon
• Two zippered pouches
• Holds a three ring binder


Kids lunch totes


Mint snack square review

• 6" x 5.5" x 5.25"
• Insulated with bubble foil
• Personalization on the top

Mint kids lunch tote review

• Measure 9" x 6" x 6".
• Front zippered pocket
• Insulated with bubble foil
• Personalization on the top

Stephen Joseph kids lunch tote review

• Measures 10" X 7.5" X 3".
• Insulated with bubble foil
• Personalized above the zipper




Kids duffle bags



Compare duffle bags! Compare duffle bags!

 Compare duffle bags!

• Stephen Joseph themed duffle bags for younger children

Mint classic duffle bags for the young to the young at heart

Big kid duffle bags for older children - great for sports and travel 







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