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All kids like getting cozy in a sleeping bag. Getting out the sleeping bag is something fun and out of the ordinary where they can play pretend, make a fort in their living room or pretend they are camping out. I know my kids love to have their own sleeping bags when we go camping. My daughter has the hot pink and zebra sleeping bag and my son has the camouflage sleeping bag. They like how they each have one that is all their own and is either girly or guy-like.

Personalized children’s sleeping bags make great gift for kids’ birthdays or any other occasion. Kids love seeing their name on their own things, especially when it comes to things like sleeping bags that they are going to take with them to sleepovers or use in the classroom with all of their friends. Personalizing them adds to their unique charm and makes them an extra special gift because they will know you thought of them specifically. Kids will especially love having their name on their bags and having them be a little different from everyone else’s.

Names and initials are the most common personalization we do, but many of our customers get creative when personalizing their child sleeping bags. Instead of just a name, we can embroider anything on our products, so the sky is the limit. Some of our favorite personalization includes special nicknames, such as “Cutie pie,” “Princess,” or “Jelly Bean.” Personalizing sleeping bags like this is a great way to make them unique to your child. We are here to help you make sure your child’s sleeping bag is all your own, so we encourage you to make them one of a kind. There are so many different options, so get creative!

We have many satisfied customers that love our child sized sleeping bags. We have gotten a lot of feedback about how their children love our sleeping bags and how different they are to the other boring sleeping bags you will find at your local store. Kids go crazy over the colors and the personalization. They also love the little pocket where they can pack away their little trinkets or snacks or anything else they want to bring with them. They like having that little place that is their own. Furthermore, parents love how easy these sleeping bags are to roll up and carry with them.

“Thank you for making such cool looking children’s products! My son absolutely loves his camouflage print sleeping bag!” says Tim, a father to a 2 year old boy. “He feels like one of the guys with the cool camo print and his name written on it. We will bring his sleeping bag with us when we go camping or have little camp out in the living room. He likes it when I make a fort in his room. He gets all excited and runs to get his sleeping bag all set up. It’s the perfect size for him and makes for a fun afternoon.” “I love how easy it is to carry around my child’s new sleeping bag!” says Megan, mother to a 3 year old girl. “When I take him to school, it is really easy to grab the sleeping bag and go. I just wrap it up with the Velcro strap and use the carry case. With everything else I need to carry when I leave the house with my kids, carrying the sleeping bag with the handle is so simple.”

Melissa, a mother of 3 children, ages 3, 4 and 6, says, “I put my kids’ names on everything! With three kids, things get lost and mismatched all the time, especially when they go to school with a bunch of other children. I put their names on their lunch boxes, backpacks, shoes, and of course, their sleeping bags. When they need their sleeping bags for naptime at school or are going to a friends’ house or their grandparents’, I like to come prepared with everything they need. I think having each of them having their own sleeping bag also makes it a lot easier on whoever is taking care of them. The kids know whose is whose and there is no struggle or arguments! And obviously that makes for a much happier time for everyone!”

At Posy Lane, all of our personalized products aim to combine style with practicality. Our goal is to provide useful, quality products, such as the child sleeping bags, that your child will love to use and be comfortable in. Our sleeping bags are durable, easy to clean and will not wear with time. We make quality products that your child will use again and again and that will be durable enough to stand the test of time.

Posy Lane is a one stop shop for all kinds of children’s products. Please feel free to check out our other personalized children’s products. We offer a lot of kid’s products, all which can be personalized for your individual child and are great to give as gifts. No matter what you are looking for, Posy Lane has the right product for you!

Kids sleeping bags

Our personalized kids sleeping bags are a wonderful alternative to nap mats, or as the next step up for older toddlers.