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As parents, we all know how difficult it is to dress our children in outfits that may be cute and fashionable, but not all that comfortable. Kids will fight wearing anything that is uncomfortable, with good reason. A kid’s job is to run around and play and have fun. Therefore, our seersucker clothing, especially our children’s dresses, are perfect for the child on the move. It’s a win-win situation; your child will look cute and they will be comfortable all day. The dresses are also easy to machine wash, so you won’t have to worry about spills or your child getting messy.  Our children’s dresses come in a variety of cheerful colors that any girl would be proud to wear.  You can choose the color that most speaks to your child’s personality and style, or even grab one of each color so your daughter has a pretty sun dress for any day of the week.

Posy Lane specializes in personalizing all of your children’s products. Whether it is on their clothing, backpacks, or sleeping bags, we encourage the personalization of their belongings. Not only does it help things not get lost, but it also adds that something to special to everything they are wearing or carrying. Personalizing them adds to their unique charm and makes them an extra special gift because they will know you thought of them specifically. As with all of our personalized children’s products, we allow you to customize the children’s dresses exactly how you want them to with our unique embroidering options. We can monogram your child’s initials, name or nickname on front of the dress and make the dress something that is all their own. As always with personalizing any of our children’s  products, including the kids dresses, is an easy process. When personalizing one of our products, you choose the style, the thread color, the font and the layout of how you want it to look. You choose everything and can coordinate the embroidering to match the color of the dress of your choice. Personalized dresses make a great gift for any girl and any occasion. Anyone can go out and buy children’s clothes from your local department store, but when you are giving a girl a pretty summer dress with her name or initials on it, she is guaranteed to feel extra special. Whether it is a birthday present, or for any other occasion, our personalized children’s dresses are a great gift idea that shows you care and are thinking of that child specifically. With personalized children’s dresses, you can almost guarantee that when she has the choice of what to grab from the closet on a given day, she will be more likely to pull out the beautiful dress with her name on it over anything else because it is special and out of the ordinary. She will love showing it off to her friends and being the only one wearing that style of dress.

At Posy Lane, all of our personalized products aim to combine style with practicality. Our dresses are cute, affordable, comfortable, and made out of quality fabric. Our goal is to provide useful, quality products, such as the kid’s dresses, that your child will love to wear and be comfortable in. We make quality products that your child will wear again and again, that will be durable enough to stand the test of time. Posy Lane is a one stop shop for all kinds of children’s products and clothing, especially personalized child’s dresses. Please feel free to check out all of our other personalized children’s clothes and kid’s products. We offer a lot of kid’s clothing, all which can be personalized for your individual child and are always great to give as gifts. No matter what you are looking for, Posy Lane has the right product for you!

This summer, why not treat your daughter to a nice seersucker dress? All of our seersucker dresses are produced by a company called Mint, a leader in children’s clothing and back to school supplies. Each Mint seersucker dress is lined with pure white cotton as well as a “snap” on the back of the dress to allow for easy closing. There’s also a small Mint button at the back of the neck and a small ribbon that can be tied around your daughter’s waist. Each dress is available in five different sizes to accommodate young girls of any age.

In addition to seersucker dresses, Mint also has other seersucker products to match the outfit. When the dresses are measured flat on a table, the sizes that are available are as follows: 12 months – 15.5” long, 18 months – 17” long, 2T – 17.5” long, 3T – 18.5” long, 4T – 20” long. For those that don’t know, seersucker is a type of fabric that’s made entirely from cotton. It’s typically striped or has a checkered pattern. Generally speaking, it’s a fabric that’s most popular in the summer because of how light it is. The seersucker dresses from Posy Lane come in three different colors; aqua, lime, and pink. Each of the dresses is available in the five sizes that were listed above and each dress is capable of being customized. To customize a dress, when looking at the dress listing that you’re interested in simply check the box that says “Personalize” and you’ll be taken to a new menu.

From here, you’ll be able to choose whether you’d like to embroider the dress or add a monogram. Next, you’ll be able to choose both the color of the thread you’d like to have for the monogram or embroidery and also the font and text you’d like to include. While many users have an idea of what it is they’d like to see on the dress before they place their order, if you’re unsure of how to go about customizing the dress, feel free to drop us a line. We’d be more than happy to help you figure out a color scheme and font for your order to help get you the perfect dress. If you’re thinking of taking your daughter for a day at the beach or the park, you may want to consider also getting them a water bottle for the trip. In addition to products made by Mint, we also have an extensive selection of products by the famed children’s designer, Stephen Joseph. He makes everything from water bottles to sunglasses.

Each Stephen Joseph water bottle is made entirely from stainless steel. They’re free of plastics, BPA, and phthalates, making them completely safe for your little one to drink from. Because Stephen Joseph knows that “kids will be kids,” each bottle has a spill proof lid and a cap to allow you to screw the top back on in between play sessions so that sand or dirt doesn’t get splashed into the bottle by accident. As with almost all products from Posy Lane, these water bottles are completely customizable in much the same ways the dresses are. With 19 different designs to choose from, and with design options from cupcakes to outer space, we’re sure you’ll find a base model that your child will like. And after you’ve found a basic model, you can customize the bottle to have their name or monogram on it as well. Here at Posy Lane, we understand the difficulties of being a parent. We’ve been there and know that sometimes it can be difficult to find a great Easter present or an extra birthday present to round out the gift set. Because we also know that kids love colors, designs, and the ability to just have fun, we’ve hand selected the best products we can find to offer to our fellow parents. Instead of trying to hinder our children’s creativity, we instead embrace it and let them be themselves. With bright colored seersucker dresses to hooded character towels for when they hop out of the bath or run back to shore from playing in the ocean, we like to think we’ve got you covered with gift ideas and novelties for your child.

We value customer feedback like no other and would love to hear from you before or after you purchase a product from us. If you’re hesitant to pick something up because you’re unsure about the design, shape, size, or anything else imaginable, feel free to send us an email and we’ll be happy to help answer your questions. After you’ve purchased a product from us, we encourage you to head over to our Facebook page to tell us about your experience. By “Liking” us on Facebook, you’ll be eligible for discounts and promotions that other site users are not. We’ll periodically send updates about new products we have coming in, as well as coupons around special occasions. Thanks again for using Posy Lane and we look forward to hearing from you!

Seersucker dresses

Perfect for spring and summer, our girl's seersucker dresses by Mint are lined with white cotton, snap in the back with a cute "mint" button at the nape and a grosgrain ribbon tie around the waist.  Available in five sizes, the seersucker dress fabric matches our other Mint seersucker products, such as our girls seersucker bloomers.  The length measurement is from the top of the dress strap to the bottom of the dress, measured while the dress is flat.

12 months        15.5” long
18 months        17” long
2T                    17.5” long
3T                    18.5” long
4T                    20” long


Please note these dresses do run small.


Children’s dresses are perfect for spring and summer. They are lightweight, comfortable and cute enough for any little girl. In a variety of pretty colors, kid’s dresses are perfect for school, a day at the park or to a special event on the weekend. No matter what the day calls for, our children’s dresses will be a perfect fit for your little girl. Here at Posy Lane, we pride ourselves in providing our customers great clothing products, including pretty children’s dresses that will make your child happy and comfortable throughout the day, but also look cute and feminine.


Our personalized children’s dresses are pretty and attractive, and will easily move right along with your little one, letting them run and play without feeling confined to their outfit. Children aren’t the only ones who love our personalized children’s dresses. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from parents about how they love our dresses and especially with the personalization, how different they are compared to the other boring kids dresses.

“These dresses are so cute!” says Victoria, mother of a 2 year old girl. “My daughter loves how she can twirl around, and the dress just twirls right along with her. She spins and loves to show off her summer dress.”


Brooke, a mother to 3 year old twins, says “I have twin girls, so naturally, I just love dressing them up in matching outfits! But I don’t want to have them wearing the exact same dress, so I like to switch up the colors and personalize them with their names. And even though I hate to admit it, I think it helps some people tell them apart, so I specifically put them in these personalized children’s dresses when they are with the babysitter or someone who may not know them as well.” “These kid’s dresses by Posy Lane are made out of great quality fabric and are really easy to wash. Plus, our daughter loves wearing this dress with her initials on it, so overall, it’s a great product. Thanks!” says Doug, a loyal customer and father of a 2 year girl.


“I bought this dress for my niece for her 4th birthday party. I got her the pink children’s dress and personalized it with her name on it in purple embroidering. She is a girly girl and those are her favorite colors. She loved it, especially because those are her favorite colors, but even more because her name was on it and she thought that was very cool! I love being the cool aunt!” says Martha, a “cool aunt” to a 4 year old girl.


Our children’s dresses are made out of our seersucker fabric, which is perfect for kids because they are made out of fabric that is thin and allows them to move around comfortably and play easily. As these dresses are sleeveless and made out of the lightweight seersucker fabric, they are especially great in the spring and summers months when it is warm out. However, they can also be worn in the cooler months and paired with a long sleeve shirt or tights underneath, or a cardigan over the top. Everyone loves the versatility of a kid’s dress, which can be made into an easy, casual dress for a sunny day or a warmer outfit for a colder day.


Seersucker clothing is made out from fabric that is easy to clean and comfy to wear, making it the perfect fabric for kids dresses. This is the same fabric that we use for our other children’s clothing in our Mint seersucker collection, such as the baby bloomers. Our children’s dresses are also lined with white cotton, making them even more comfortable against your child’s skin. The dresses are sleeveless, and snap in the back with a “mint” button at the nape, with a grosgrain ribbon tie around the waist. This makes them easy to put on and take off, which is a great time and effort saver. It is easy to get your little one dressed in the morning or help her go to the bathroom. There isn’t that hassle of having to get out of a complicated outfit. Posy Lane knows what parents want, and knows that with kids, convenience is extremely important throughout the day. Any little thing helps, so being able to simply undo the snap button at the nape of the neck of the dress and undo the ribbon at the waist, makes it an easy outfit to dress your girl in.


We offer a variety of child’s dresses, in different sizes and colors. Currently, our kid’s dresses come in a few different colors, including lime green, pink and aqua blue. Our children’s dresses are available in five sizes, ranging from 12 months to 4T. The 12 month size is 15.5” long, the 18 month size is 17” long, 2T measures 17.5” long, 3T is 18.5” long and the 4T size is 20” long. The length measurement is measured from the top of the dress strap to the bottom of the dress, and measured when the dress is laid flat. These dresses are great for little girls of all sizes.