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I just ordered a towel wrap from you all and I just wanted to let you know that I love it! It is a gift for my younger sister and I know she will love it too! She is graduating from High School and this is the perfect present for her to go to college and start dorm life with! It is the perfect thing to be able to throw on after your shower and be able to walk back to your room or get ready and not have to worry about it going anywhere! The colors turned out beautiful - Purple towel with yellow lettering for East Carolina University! I looked for a local place here in Raleigh, NC but the only ones I could find only had white towels and were $55!! Thanks for a great product at the right price!! Love it! Miriam

"Thank you so much for everything... you were so helpful today! Everyone I've spoken with and dealt with at Posy Lane has been beyond wonderful and I can't wait to see the spa wraps I ordered- and thank you for putting the "rush" on it! I'll definitely be recommending you all :)"

Christa S. 4/29/2011

"Thank you so much for everything... you were so helpful today! Everyone I've spoken with and dealt with at Posy Lane has been beyond wonderful and I can't wait to see the spa wraps I ordered- and thank you for putting the "rush" on it! I'll definitely be recommending you all :)"

Christa S. 4/29/2011

"I looked everywhere for good quality children's bath wraps that weren't an arm and 2 legs. Posy Lane shipped so quickly and they are fabulous. I added an applique on both of the wraps and my customer LOVED them. Thank you so much for a wonderful product and speedy shipping. "

Cyndi E. 12/18/2010

"Love your bath wraps! Just ordered 9 for my bridal party. They are exactly what I've been looking for!"

Meredith B. 6/3/2011

"Thank you Kerrie!!! The spa wraps are even more adorable than I had hoped!!! The girls are going to love it! Thank you again for having the best customer service that I've run across in decades!!! I will most definitely order from you again (and I have a feeling that the moms of the girls who I'm giving these bath wraps to will be as well...sooo cute)."

Cindy B. 5/11/2011

Bath Wraps

Call them what you will, Posy Lane has you covered (literally!) with our extensive assortment of shower wraps, spa wraps, towel wraps and bath wraps for men and women, kids and adults.  We even have hard to find bath wraps with straps, animal prints, teen sizes, and plus sizes to 7XL!  With 105 different styles and popular colors like purple, black and pink, you are sure to find a towel wrap that is perfect for you.  We carry bath wraps made of 100% terry cotton and incredibly soft and durable minky polyester fabric. 

Towel wrap sizing guide

We have so many bath wraps we recommend looking at the six categories on top to narrow your starting point.  Every spa wrap we carry is below the categories.  

Please note, we source our 100% cotton towel wraps from different vendors and the weight and feel of different wraps changes.  We list the 100% cotton wrap weights in the product descriptions - use that to 'match' wraps if that is important.

The polyester bath wraps are generally brighter in colors and feel a little softer, while the terry cotton colors are a little more muted.  Cotton is of course much more absorbent when stepping out of the shower than polyester.  All of our wraps close securely with velcro.  The bath towel wraps are attractive as is, but are fabulous when personalized with embroidery! 


Do you need custom matching towel wraps for a group event?  We can custom manufacture matching wraps for all body sizes, and no one will feel self conscious about not having an identical wrap.  You can pick the length of the wraps, or custom features like pockets or straps.  We can even create custom colors, and really make the event special with embroidery highlighting the occasion!

These are great as beach towel wraps and cover ups for the pool!

Posy Lane has an extensive collection of cotton and minky bath wraps for everyone in the family. In addition to the traditional sizes that you’d expect, we also carry additional plus sizes to 7XL for those who find it tough to find fitting towel wraps. Our bath towel wrap collection comes in 105 different colors and styles, including spa wraps with straps, shower wraps with straps, animal print bath wraps with straps, and towel wraps with straps, which means that no matter what type of design you’re looking for, you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for you. Each of the towel wraps we carry is made from 100% pure cotton and delightfully soft minky polyester. The combination of cotton and minky polyester make for the perfect blend of comfort and functionality.


To make your browsing time a bit easier, we recommend clicking on one of the appropriate categories. Each of these category options will take you to the appropriate page where the bath towel wrap options have automatically been sorted for you. If you’d simply like to browse the entire product line we have, feel free to simply scroll down past the category section to see all of the products we have in stock. In terms of design, the towels that are made from polyester generally feature much brighter colors and patterns. The cotton wraps on the other hand are a bit “softer” in tone, making them a better choice for adults who aren’t looking for something “loud” in their lives. In terms of absorbency, cotton is by far the superior fabric. A cotton towel wrap will have a much easier time of drying your kids when they hop out of the bath or shower. A nice additional feature on all of the wraps we have here at Posy Lane is that they have the option to close with Velcro. Finally, if you’d like to add a personal touch to the wrap because you’re giving it as a gift or something similar, we offer top quality embroidery options that is sure to impress. Embroider anything from your initials to a name on the wraps to make them the perfect custom gift.


As we mentioned in the last paragraph, we have the option to embroider anything you’d like onto your order from us. We take pride in the personalization process and believe that it’s just more than some extra thread on a customer’s order. If it’s your first time customizing something with us, you’re in luck! It’s extremely easy to ensure that your order comes out looking great.


When you’re entering in the information you’d like to have personalized onto the bath towel wrap, there’s an option to let us take care of the color and design matching. Because it can be tough to try and decipher what different colors will actually look like in person, we’ve given you the ability to let us handle it for you. Using predetermined custom color matches, we’re able to ensure that your project is going to be perfect on arrival. Let us handle the matching and the hard work, and all you’ll have to do is let us know what you’d like the embroidery to say.


“I just wanted to send you guys an email to say thanks! I was having the hardest time getting my kids in and out of the shower within a timely manner in the evenings because as soon as they’d get out, they’d run straight to their room and flood the house with their wet feet. I decided that enough was enough and ordered the most comfortable towel wrap I could find to entice them to stay in the bathroom long enough to dry off before they ran off to play. It worked! PS: The embroidery looks AWESOME.” –Jane, Delaware


Bath towel wraps are the perfect gift for Christmas or any occasion (like for kids who won’t sit still to dry off). By having the option to customize the embroidery on the wrap, you can give a personalized gift without much effort at all. And with so many colors and styles to choose from here at Posy Lane, we’re sure you’ll find one that not only looks good online, but also looks great in person. Take some time to check out all that we have to offer, and if you decide to order something, be sure to upload your photos wearing it or enjoying it on our Facebook page!