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Anita of Denver was initially surprised when she received a personalized towel wrap for Mother’s Day. “At first I was somewhat put off,” she admitted, “I was used to my daughter giving me homemade gift or cards she made at school and instead this year she got me a towel! Of course I thanked her but I wondered what in the world had made her think I needed a towel. The bath wrap ended up being a great gift though. I’d gotten so used to my towel falling down when I was brushing my teeth or putting on my makeup after a shower, and this totally got rid of the problem. I could brush my teeth, style my hair, and even get my daughter some cereal in a time crunch. I ended up appreciating it more than I thought!” Martha of Boston also saw the great gift potential in these personalized spa wraps; “I’d been invited to a summer wedding and even though it was pretty casual I still wanted to bring a gift. Most classic wedding gifts were too pricey or too formal for the occasion, so I wanted to go with something that was both funny and useful. I came across these towel wraps and thought they were a great idea. I got one for him and one for her and they absolutely loved them!”

100% Cotton Bath Towel Wraps

We have 42 styles of 100% terry cotton personalized towel wraps, shower wraps, towel wraps, and spa wraps.  Look no further!   Many of our styles come in sizes from kids to adult, including white cotton wraps for children.  Each bath towel wrap features multi-needle stitching with triple sheared terry velour fabric.


Many of the womens colors are available in plus sizes and are very popular for bridal parties and the colors match the children's cotton bath towel wraps.  Please note, we source our cotton wraps from different vendors and the weight and feel of different wraps changes.  We list the cotton wrap weights in the product descriptions - use that to 'match' wraps if that is important.

Towel wrap sizing guide


Many of us are well versed in the idea that television hinges on the misrepresentation of reality. Perhaps one of the baffling myths that television has helped to perpetuate over the years is the idea that when one steps out of the shower it is a simple and natural process to wind a towel around oneself and actually get it to stay up. For women, the myth goes beyond that and includes a towel wrapped effortlessly around wet hair. To be fair, it remains relatively easy to achieve the latter, but the former remains frustratingly out of reach for many of us.


Maybe the difficulty lies in poor hand-eye coordination, insufficiently muscular fingers, or skin so soft that it simply does not produce enough friction to keep the towel from slipping. Whatever the issue, a towel that can’t resist the pull of gravity is a surefire way to ruin the relaxing ritual that is bathing or showering. Not only that, but it can be potentially embarrassing. Though most of us don’t make a habit or wearing towels in front of people other than family members, it can still be irksome to try to pour your daughter a class of grape juice or help your son tie his shoes when one of your hands must be used to keep your towel from falling.


To help eliminate this tiresome little problem, invest in an affordable cotton personalized bath towel wrap from Posy Lane. These after shower cover-ups are crafted from 100% terry cotton, ensuring maximum softness and great absorption. Each cotton spa wrap features multi-needle stitching with triple sheared terry velour fabric that promises not to scratch or irritate delicate skin. The wraps come in a variety of colors, including pink, orange, black, white, green, and blue. Women have the option of selecting a strapless shower wrap or one with straps to completely put an end to slippage woes. The wraps are also available in 100% cotton children’s styles (including white cotton!), some of which are embroidered with festive designs, and for the man of the house, try one of these inventive shower wraps designed to wrap comfortably at the waist.