Our bath towel wraps are surprisingly one of our most popular products. Men don’t typically find the children’s backpacks or nap mats available on the site appealing for their own interests, but are surprised when they stumble across things like our towel wraps.

Unlike a traditional towel, mens towel wraps secure themselves around the waist so that there’s no risk of falling during your morning routine. Once you’re dried off after a shower, it’s easy to put on a towel wrap to let the rest of the moisture on your body soak into the towel as you finish shaving or brushing your teeth. And with a pocket on the front of it, you can pop the TV remote into your front pouch and not have to worry about where you left it as you wander through the house as you get ready in the morning.

“I admit I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’m thrilled with my bath towel wrap! My wife was shopping on your site for a backpack for our little one and showed me the bath towel wrap and thought I might enjoy it. I thought, “What the hell, I’ll give it a try” and purchased one for myself. Now, whenever I’m getting ready I don’t take it off until I’m ready to walk out the door. It’s much easier to get ready in a towel than it is to put on my clothes for the day and try and finish up my shave or coffee making.”

The Velcro waistband inside of the towel wrap makes it extremely easy to fit anyone interested in purchasing a wrap. Unlike towels that are unable to stretch, the Velcro allows anyone to enjoy the comfort of a towel wrap without having to worry about their waist size. For those thinking they may need a bigger sized wrap though, there are plus-sizes available to accommodate anyone looking to purchase one.

The white, black, and navy options are all neutral colors that guys can enjoy without having to borrow one of their girlfriend’s “decorative” towels to wrap themselves in. If you have any questions about our wraps, please feel free to let us know!

Mens Bath Towel Wraps

Like a mens wrap around towel, only better!  Your man can use a towel wrap or spa wrap while shaving or lounging after a shower, or if you can get him into the spa!  Some men's wraps are solid cotton and we have colorful waffle weave men's towel wraps made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester so they are still very absorbent.  Available in 7 colors, all of the towel wraps for men feature an adjustable Velcro closure with elastic waist band and a patch pocket.


Mens towel wrap sizing guide

Our white 100% cotton wrap is available in a XL/XXL plus size.  All of the waistbands are secure with Velcro. Our typical turn around time to personalize your wrap is 2-3 days!


Many of our men’s bath towel wraps are made from 100% cotton, meaning they’re extremely comfortable to put on after a shower to lounge around the house or bathroom in. And if you want to keep wearing it as you make your way through your regular morning routine, the Velcro waistband will help keep the towel secure so you don’t have to constantly readjust the towel around your hips. The Velcro is elastic, making it easy to stretch and mold to any body shape, big or small. On the front of the bath towel wraps is a single pocket, making it easy to hold things while you’re moving around the house.


The 100% cotton mens towels are triple sheared and made from terry velour fabric. They measure 20” long, making them just the right length to be secure but not uncomfortable. Without utilizing the stretchy portion of the Velcro waistband, each wrap fits a 25.5” waist and can stretch out to an unbelievable 49” waist size, truly making it the perfect wrap for every waist size. And with manly colors such as navy, black, or white to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one that fits just your style.