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Spent, you swim gracefully to shore, following your daughter’s frothy train of surf as she doggy paddles in front of you. When you return to your beach chair you first wrap her in a warm towel and then take the time to carefully wrap yourself in one of Posy Lane’s incredibly soft cotton plus sized bath wraps. You revel in the extra length the plus size spa wrap affords, the perfect size for you to comfortably wrap around yourself and dry off. While regular adult bath towels are made to fit a bust size ranging from 27-39 inches, these towel wraps are specially designed to accommodate busts from 33-48 inches, making them an excellent option for full-figured men and women. Identical in construction to Posy Lane’s regular adult sizes, these towel wraps are fashioned from a cotton terry-cloth blend that provides absorption and optimum coverage. These bath wraps, which may be cinched around the bust or waist, prevent the towel from slipping, promising comfort that frees up your hands for more important tasks. Highly versatile, these towels can be used at home, the beach, or even the local pool or spa. They are available in a variety of colors, including white, green, pink, orange and blue, and are also available in men’s plus sizes.

“I was grateful to my husband when he purchased me this towel,” Antonia of Warwick, Rhode Island commented, “I bought myself one in the regular adult size and loved how comfortable and soft it was. By the time I was five months pregnant, however, the regular size couldn’t fit around my belly and bust, so my husband totally spoiled me by getting me the plus sized cotton version. Now I could still lounge around the house with my baby belly.” Gail of Iowa wrote, “I’ve always been curvaceous and have come to love that about myself. When I was younger it made me feel self-conscious and I wanted to be stick thin like those ridiculous models you see on television. When I turned thirty I started to really get comfortable with my body. I bought this bath wrap because I wanted to experience a bit of spa wrap luxury at home and feared that the regular size would be too tight. Sure enough, this one fit me incredibly well.” Try the bath wraps for yourself or give them as a gift; either way they’re sure to impress.

Plus Size Bath Towel Wraps

Call them spa wraps, shower wraps, towel wraps or bath wraps, all of our wraps in this catergory are available in from adult size to adult plus (XL/XXL).  Several colors are available in larger than XXL sizes, up to 7XL.  


Towel wrap sizing guide


The larger-than-XXL sizes (Queen/Empress) are from Points West Fashions (PWF) and are made in the USA!  Because of this, the fabric is different and there may be slight color or design variations between the Adult/XXL wraps and the Queen/Empress wraps.  Otherwise, the colors are a match for the kid sized cotton bath towel wraps. 


Are you planning a special event at the spa and need matching towel wraps to fit a range of body sizes?  We can outfit everyone with matching custom towel wraps of any size and include embroidery that ties into the event.  You can choose features like pockets and straps.  Please enquire for more details.


Please note, we source our cotton wraps from different vendors and the weight and feel of different wraps changes.  We list the cotton wrap weights in the product descriptions - use that to 'match' wraps if that is important, and look at each size description as that may change also.

Imagine a warm summer afternoon at the beach. You’ve driven three hours to the coast to enjoy the beautiful day with your family. It’s a particularly special adventure because your children are due to return to school in a few days and have been tearfully lamenting the summer’s imminent end. For them, this trip represents one last wild jaunt before they must return to the classroom where they’ll be required to sit politely at their desks, concentrate for eight hours each day, and regulate their boundless energy in favor of learning.


For you and your spouse, this day represents a welcome break from work and a great opportunity to spend time with the kids. Not only that, but you are more than grateful for a little time in the sun and the sound of the waves as they break on shore. You stake your claim in the hot sand and then are immediately pulled towards the water’s edge by your daughter, who proclaims that she wants to swim with you. The water is a little cold, but refreshing as you wade in past your knees. The next half hour includes watching your daughter perform a dozen underwater tricks, a few piggyback rides, and even a well-intentioned splashing contest.