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Women's Bath Towel Wraps

Ladies, Posy Lane has you covered (literally!) with our extensive assortment of bath wraps, spa wraps, shower wraps, and towel wraps, including adult ladies wraps with straps!  Offering 75 different ladies styles, fabrics and colors, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you. 


Towel wrap sizing guide


Many of the cotton bath towel wraps are available in plus sizes up to 7XL. The minky bath towel wraps are softer, lighter and more colorful than cotton but don't absorb water, while the cotton bath towel wraps are more absorbent.


Please note, we source our cotton wraps from different vendors and the weight and feel of different wraps changes.  We list the cotton wrap weights in the product descriptions - use that to 'match' wraps if that is important.

We have an extensive collection of women’s bath towel wraps to fit all of your drying needs. With over 75 different styles, colors, and fabric types, you’re guaranteed to find something that’s not only comfortable that fits your needs, but also is colorful enough and unique enough that you won’t mind wearing it each morning when you step out of the bath or shower. Many of our towel wraps are made from minky polyester fabrics, a very soft option, and we have a large collection of minky spa wraps with straps


In addition to the minky fabric, we also stock cotton bath towel wraps. The cotton material has a much higher absorbency than the minky polyester, making it the ideal choice for kids who can’t sit still while it’s time to dry off after a shower. Some of our kids line of wraps have straps and some are strapless. We also offer plus size wraps within the cotton line for those customers who need a bit bigger of a towel. In summary, you’ll notice that the wraps made from minky polyester are generally more colorful than their cotton counterparts, but tend to not be as absorbent. The cotton wraps feature much softer color schemes, but will pick up water much faster.


When looking at the designs for the towel wraps, you may notice that some of the wraps feature patterns around the border of the towel. These minky polyester wraps come in an array of different colors and design types so that you can find something to fit whatever personality it is you’re shopping for. Designs like pink cheetah and aqua mint could be bought for someone who is looking for an exciting wrap, whereas the polka dotted one could be given as a more “standard” design type.


If the vibrancy of the minky wraps isn’t your style, the cotton wraps we offer come in plain colors and designs. That means that you can buy plain black, green, or whatever other color you’d like. Certain colors also come in plus sizes if you need them to.


No matter which design type you choose, Posy Lane has you covered in the embroidery and customization department. All of our women’s bath towel wraps can be customized to say or show whatever you’d like them to. This makes them the perfect gift for someone who is looking for something practical for the holidays or for their birthday instead of a new cell phone. To embroider your product, all you need to do is navigate to the product window and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here, you will see a check box allowing you to enable embroidery. From here, you’ll be able to choose things like which type of embroidery or monogram you’d like, what type of font you’d like it to be in, and even what color thread is used against the main color of the towel. Finally, if you have any special requests for what you’d like to see featured or how you’d like the monogram to be laid out, please don’t hesitate to put it in the “special instructions” section.


If you’re not comfortable choosing a color or font without actually being able to see what the final design is going to look like, have no fear. Shoot us an email with your concerns and we’ll happily tell you which colors and font schemes go best with each wrap color and type. Because we embroider so many items on a daily basis, we like to think that we know our color options pretty well. Let us handle the color selection and you won’t be disappointed!


“I don’t normally send emails like this, but I just couldn’t resist. You guys did an awesome job with the custom towel I ordered a few weeks ago. It arrived on time just as promised, and whoever it was I spoke with over email about color options, their recommendations were perfect. The towel I ordered was a little too big, but that was fault of my own not knowing what size my daughter was. All in all, thanks for the great service. Will definitely recommend to a friend.” Julie, Florida


If you’re not eager to get your towel wrap right away, our Facebook page often has giveaways and discounts for our fans. Hang around there, and who knows? Maybe we’ll post a great deal on bath towel wraps soon!