Our kids duffle bags come in sizes from big to small. We put together this picture review with our nearly five year old model holding each kids duffle bag. Then you can get a feel for the size of each one. You can choose a small duffle bag for a child's treasures, a medium sized bag for a change of clothes, or a big duffle bag for travel.

Glitter kids duffle bags Our glitter duffle bags are super cute for little girls. We have them in two sizes, a small bag, and medium bag. The glitter is secured pretty well to the fabric, so shedding is minimal. The inside of the bag has a nylon fabric lining. The bottom of the bag has a nylon strip so again glitter shed minimial.

Stephen Joseph duffle bags Stephen Joseph duffle bags are a step up in size. They are made from quilted cotton and an inner nylon lining so they have a sturdy feel to them. These are very popular for younger children and will give many years of use.

Mint duffle bags Mint kids duffle bags are another step up in size, and they have a classic and sophisticated look. Mint makes them in seersucker, corduroy, gingham, and nylon fabrics. All but the nylon shell duffle bags have a nylon fabric lining. The nylon shell duffle bags don't have a lining, but the seams are covered with a bias tape for durability.

As the picture below shows, this is a great size duffle bag for even a 10 year old girl.

Big kid duffle bags Our big kid duffle bags are the biggest size we carry. I think our nearly five year old model could hide inside one. As the pictures below show, these duffle bags are a great size for a 10 year old girl.

We are constantly photographing our kid products and writing reviews and comparisons so you can make an informed decision!