Nap Mats

Posy Lane prides itself on its wonderful assortment of nap mats! Some people refer to these products as sleeping mats. They are soft, comfortable places to rest, whether used at preschool, daycare, mother's day out, or even at home.

Want your nap mat embroidered? You're not alone! Children love our personalized nap mats! In fact, we often get reports from moms that their young children insist on sleeping on their custom nap mats instead of their own beds! They come in several styles and design themes - princesses, sports, dinosaurs, cupcakes, etc. You're sure to find the perfect mat for your little snuggler!

We also have wonderful Nap Pads by Peerless Plastics called Kindermats and Daydreamers in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. These are available in bulk by the case, perfect for schools and daycares.