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“I was looking on your website at nap mats this afternoon and am not quite sure which brand to choose. They all seem to meet my school’s requirements, but which one is ‘better,’ and is there really a difference between any of them?”

We get that email pretty frequently, and we’d like to help. Nap mats obviously differ from company to company, so picking out the right one that not only fits your child’s style but also the mom requirements is tough. To start narrowing it down, figure out what size of mat you need to begin with. Mint mats are perfect for young ones aged 3-5, while Stephen Joseph and My Nap Pak mats are great for kids between 5-7. The latter are slightly wider and longer to accommodate larger kids. Next, you’re going to want to figure out whether or not you want a plush finish on the mat or a simple flat fabric. Flat fabric is good for hot classrooms and humid climates as the warmth of a plush blanket and pillow may be too much. Plush doesn’t necessarily mean more luxurious.

And lastly, you obviously want to take into account your budget. A Cavichi mat may be out of the price range of some, but if you have the money to spend, we recommend going with it. But if you’re like most and want the right balance between price and functionality, any of the mats available on our site should fit the bill perfectly. Remember that buying a mat in the store may be cheaper on the front end, but within a few weeks of being dragged to nap time and back, it may not even be held together anymore. Do yourself a favor and buy quality to begin with to save yourself some money in the long run.

All Nap Mats

We have the brands with the best personalized kids nap mats, nap sacks, and bed rolls with pillows for the youngest toddler to older children - with tons of plush designs for boys and girls, even organic and hypoallergenic nap mats.  All of our nap mats are without flame retardants.

We have a great selection of preschool nap mats and kindergarten nap mats.

The major shopping points for nap mats are size, attached pillow and blanket, durability, where it can be personalized, and will your child love it? All of our designs have an attached pillow and blanket since most daycare, preschool and kindergarten facilities require it.  Not sure what is the correct preschool or kindergarten nap mat size?  See our nap mat size guide!


See a visual comparison of our major brands


Mint nap mats
Mint nap mats

Mint nap mat review
• Nap mat measures 18.5" x 46"
• Blanket measures 31” x 31"
• 1" thick & nylon shell
• Attached pillow & blanket
• Blanket only attached on one side
• Pillow insert is removable
• Polyester fleece blanket
• For kids up to age 4.


Stephen Joseph nap mats
Stephen Joseph nap mats

Stephen Joseph nap mat review
• Nap mat measures 24.75” x 52.5
• Blanket measures 25” x 41”
• 1" thick
• Pillow measures 11.5” x 10”
• Blanket is double layer fabric
• Attached pillow & blanket
• Blanket only attached on one side
• Made from soft polyester fabric
• For kids up to about age 5


My Nap Pak nap mat side view
My Nap Pak nap mats

• The nap mat is 24" x 55"
• The blanket is 32" x 38"
• 1" thick
• Fleece blanket
• Pillow & blanket are attached
• For kids up to age 6-7 


Ozark Mountain Kids nap mats
OMK nap mats

OMK nap mat review
• Nap mat measures 21" x 45"
• Blanket measures 29" x 32
• 2.5" thick - like a mattress!
• Polyester fleece blanket
• Blanket is velboa on outside
• Blanket is smooth on inside
• Built in pillow is not removable
• Very soft, plush fabric!
• Blanket embroidery only
• For kids up to ages 4-5 


Dream Maker nap mats
Dream Maker nap mats
Dream Maker nap mat review
• Easy Velcro open/close!
• Nap mat measures 21" x 54"
• Blanket measures 35" x 44"
• Blanket is minky dot on top
• Blanket has cotton lining
• 2" thick polyester batting
• Included 13" x 19" pillow
• Pillow is removable
• For most kids to age 7

Kindermat nap mat side view
Kindermat nap mats
Kindermat nap mat review
• Overall nap mat length of 54 inches
• Nap mat width of 19 inches
• Blanket measures 46" x 36
• Blanket is attached on one side
• Minky dot pillow case and blanket
• 13" x 19" pillow is included
• Pillow size is best in class
• Blanket embroidery only
• For kids up to ages 6-7


Giant Ozark Mountain Kids nap mat side view
Giant OMK nap mats

Giant OMK nap mat review
• Nap mat measures 28" x 58"
• Blanket measures 37" x 60"
• Blanket is attached on one side
• 2.5" thick - like a mattress!
• Polyester fleece blanket
• Blanket is velboa on outside
• Blanket is smooth on inside
• Built in pillow is not removable
• Very soft fabric!
• For kids up to about age 12


Janiebee nap mats
Janiebee nap mats
Janiebee nap mat review
• Nap mat measures 21" x 53"
• Blanket measures 30" x 44"
• 2" thick
• Double thick minky dot blanket
• Pillow & blanket are attached
• Pillow insert is removable
• Shoulder strap
• For ages 6-7


Woolly Boo nap mats
Woolly Boo nap mat review
• 100% organic natural fibers
• Nap mat measures 20" x 46"
• Blanket measures 35" x 35"
• 1" thick
• All inserts are removable
• For kids up to about age 4 


Nap mats without attached blanket

Nap mats help make going to school fun!

They are all great toddler nap mats and nap sacks with pillow and blanket.  Our most popular brand is Mint and they are the smallest nap mat at 18.5" x 46", and about 1" thick.  That is a good size for kindergarten nap mats and preschool nap mats for many kids.  The compact size is good for fitting them into cubbies and backpacks. Mint is great since you can get monogrammed nap mats and matching backpacks and they fit most kids to ages 3-5 and with a nylon shell and lining (and cotton padding) they will last that long.  Perfect mats for nap time, their seersucker and gingham nap mat lines just fly off the shelf!


My Nap Pak nap mats are larger and extra long for bigger kids at 24” x 55”. They are also just slightly thicker than the Mint line and also very durable. They will last your children till he or she no longer needs a nap mat. We embroider them on the bottom portion of the blanket. If you have us choose the embroidery thread color, we choose a colors that contrast nicely with the blanket but are a predominantly in the shell fabric.


Stephen Joseph nap mats, at 52.5” x 24.75”, are very similar in size to My Nap Pak but have a plush finish instead of flat fabric. We personalize Stephen Joseph nap mats along the bottom middle of the blanket.


Our Janiebee nap mats are some of the thickest and most comfortable nap mats we know of at 2" thick. They measure 20" x 54", and are fantastic designs!  We have thick, plush designs in toddler-sized nap mats and wider, longer mats for bigger kids.


We have an entire selection of personalized nap mats for both young toddlers to older children. When shopping for a kids nap mat, the most common requirements by moms are things like size, how well the mat will hold up, how it can be personalized, and whether or not the mat comes with a pillow attached or if one will have to be purchased separately. To eliminate that last headache, all of the mats sold on Posy Lane come with an attached pillow. Another minor detail you may want to think about is what brand of mat you’re purchasing. Although rare, some schools don’t allow certain types of mats because of strict safety rules or guidelines administered by the preschool, daycare, or kindergarten.


By far the most popular brand of nap mat available is Mint. Mint mats are designed for children ages 3 – 5 and measure 18.5” by 46.” They’re the smallest mats we offer, but because they are suited for younger children, they’re plenty big enough. Each Mint mat is encased in a nylon shell and stuffed with cotton padding, meaning that it’s not only durable; it’s also comfortable as well. And in regards to comfort, we often get questions from mothers about the thickness of the mat. Mint mats are the thickest available in this size, meaning that they’re sure to provide enough comfortable support between your child and the ground below. We embroider the mats on the pocket, unless it’s stated otherwise. This helps teachers and caretakers identify the owner of each mat while it’s rolled and stored.


In contrast, the My Nap Pak mats are a little bit bigger than the Mint mats. Measuring 24” by 55,” they’re also a bit thicker to provide a little extra padding for the bigger kids. Chances are, with the durability of the My Nap Pak mats, they’ll last longer than your child’s needs for a nap mat. With many customization options to choose from, the possibilities are endless. But if you’re just not sure what to choose, if you leave it up to us to take care of matching thread on the mat, we’ll make sure to choose thread colors that contrast the mat color well.


Stephen Joseph recently went through a makeover of their nap mats and now all of their mats include an attached blanket. Slightly bigger than the My Nap Pak mats (52.5” by 24.75”), the Stephen Joseph mats include a plush finish instead of the flat fabric finish on the My Nap Pak mats. And just like Mint product lineups, Stephen Joseph mats can be matched with things like backpacks, lunchboxes, duffle bags, and water bottles, all of which are also fully customizable.


Purchasing a nap mat for your child can be a feat, especially if you’re not sure what’s good and bad about mats. It’s important to remember that things like durability and comfort should be at the top of the list. Buying a durable mat from the beginning means that you’ll have to buy fewer mats as your child moves through school. Often times moms will buy the cheapest mat they can find, only to find out that they have to replace it the year after because it couldn’t take a pre-school beating.


We’re proud to offer embroidery and customization on all of our mats. While it may seem like a novelty, having your child’s name embroidered on the mat not only helps them recognize their own mat, it helps teachers figure out whose mat is whose and reduce confusion when nap time rolls around. Ensuring that kids all have their own mats (for health reasons among other things) is not only beneficial to the kids, it’s also required by the schools. A quality embroidering will last the lifetime of the mat and help teachers in every grade your child is in.