Owl Nap Mat by Stephen Joseph


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Stephen Joseph re-designed their owl nap mats to include an attached blanket and velboa material construction.   Carry the Stephen Joseph personalized nap mat like a backpack with the attached straps.   The Stephen Joseph nap mats are machine washable and feature a removable pillow.

• Measures 52" x 25"
• Blanket attaches at bottom
• Blanket is 41" x 25"
• Attached pillow 

The nap mats measure approximately 52.5” x 24.75”. The blanket measures 41” x  25” and the pillow measures 11.5” x 10”.  The blanket and pillow are attached, so this is one of the best nap mats for kindergarten, preschool and day care where this is typically required.  We have Stephen Joseph quilted toddler backpacks, lunch totes and duffle bags to match this owl nap mat. 

Machine wash but please remove the pillow first.

Please note – We embroider the blanket so the personalization is not visible when the nap mat is rolled up.  The nap mat is too thick to embroider the outside!  Absent special instructions, we normally embroider the center of the blanket about 6 inches from the bottom.