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These small duffle bags can be taken to places like dance recitals, school, and even over to a neighbor’s house for a sleepover. And with so many options to choose from with Posy Lane, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you or your child needs in a reliable and affordable duffle bag.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a kid is how incredibly exciting every new adventure seems. From loading groceries onto the checkout counter at the supermarket to getting their first library card, kids are overwhelmingly thrilled by life’s most mundane activity. It is this sense of cheerful innocence and profound discovery that warms the hearts of parents everywhere. The smile that graces a child’s face when he or she discovers a new facet of this expansive world is what consistently motivates parents to push and guide their children through life.

No doubt one of the most exciting firsts for any child is spending the night away from home. The first sleepover is an important milestone, indicating that one is both old and mature enough to stay out late and go to sleep without mom or dad tucking one in. Of course it can also be a terrifying experience sleeping over someone else’s house: the silhouette of nearby furniture is unfamiliar, the shadows move differently across the walls, and foreign sounds can be heard from the street and yard. For those brave souls who make it through this first night, however, fond memories are formed and bonds forged between friends. Equally exciting is the family’s first big vacation. Maybe it involves a long car ride with pillows, great tunes, and a favorite book or perhaps even a soaring plane ride complete with complementary snacks and a feature length film. Either way, the world suddenly becomes much bigger.

For these and many other adventures, Stephen Joseph has designed a roomy yet small duffel bag just for kids. For younger children, duffel bags are available with themed illustrations that include ladybugs, airplanes, ballet slippers, animals, flowers, trains, and sports memorabilia. These childlike bags come in a variety of colors, ranging from calm blues and purples to earthy browns and ochre. For older children or young ones who simply prefer plain, pared down items, Stephen Joseph offers personalized duffle bags in solid colors, camouflage, and seersucker, all of which can be customized with personalized embroidery. Each bag is made from durable cotton. The themed bags are delightfully quilted for a comforting look and feel, while the more modest bags boast a sleek, smooth shell. Each bag includes on zippered closure along the top and two sturdy handles that can be easily slung over the shoulder or worn across the body. Each duffle measures 15” x 9”. For a complete luggage set or great gift, pair these classy duffels with a quilted toddler backpack or matching lunch box.

Leilani of Kansas was impressed with how much her son loved his duffel. “I ordered it more for me than for him,” she admits, “he kept forgetting his duffel at practice and getting it mixed up at sleepovers. I bought him the navy blue one personalized with with his name written on it so that it would never get lost again. I honestly thought he wouldn’t take more than one good look at it, but he actually loves it. He uses it almost exclusively now.” Tom writes from Georgia; “I took my eight year old on a weekend vacation to Florida while her mother was on a business trip. She wanted to bring everything in her closet, but I convinced her to bring only what could fit in her duffel. The size was perfect and allowed her to carry everything she needed. It also meant I had to carry a whole lot less in the car.” For family trips, sleep away camp, sports practice, or sleepovers, the Stephen Joseph duffel is definitely one gift that keeps on giving.

All Duffle Bags

You have come to the right place for duffle bags! We have a large collection of kids duffle bags made from quilted cotton and sturdy, colorful nylon for both boys and girls.  Put their name on it for a great gift.  They make great gym bags as well!


Compare Duffle Bags 

Kids glitter duffle bagsGlitter duffle bags
• Two sizes
• Glitter won't rub off 


Stephen Joseph duffle bagsStephen Joseph duffle bags
• 15" long x 9" wide
• Made from quilted cotton
• Inside zippered pocket


Mint kids duffle bagsMint duffle bags
• 18" long x 9.5" wide
• Made from nylon
• Inside zippered pocket


Big kid duffle bags"Overnight" duffle bags
• 19" long x 12" wide
• 10" deep
• Made from nylon


Bowler style duffle bags
• 20" long x 8" wide
• 12" deep
• Made from polyester


Mint’s personalized duffle bags for girls and boys are from their signature fabrics and at 18” x 9.5” are big enough for an overnight stay and small enough to fit anywhere.  Made of sturdy nylon and in bright fun colors and patterns, people order these for babies, kids and adults.  We have seen them ordered for dance teams, new moms, graduation gifts and vacation bags.  You will get many years of service from these Mint bags.   Embroidery is between the handles and about 4.5" wide.  Picking a matching embroidery thread color (easy to do with “Match Border”!) looks really fantastic on the duffle bags.  Order a matching Mint lunch tote and backpack to complete the ensemble.


Stephen Joseph's duffle bags for boys and girls are made from 100% quilted cotton and are in many of your children's favorite run themes and bright colors.  They are not quite as big as Mint's but not small duffle bags either; they measure 15" x 9".  The Stephen Joseph children’s line has an extensive collection of matching products - backpacks, lunch totes, nap mats, sun glasses, bucket hats, water bottles and more!  A duffle bag and matching water bottle or sunglasses are a great combination to send your kid off to activities with.


Our personalized kids overnight bags are big and fun!


The personalized duffle bags offered by Mint are made from their signature fabrics and measure 18” by 9.5.” While not big or too small, the duffle bags are perfect for sending your child off to stay at a friend’s house for the night, or for using it for a day trip. Since the bag is small, it can easily be put into any cubby hole or nook and cranny you can find. The embroidery found between the handles measures 4.5” wide, and with “Match Border” software, you can choose your custom colored bag and find a unique embroidery pattern that matches the rest of the bag. In addition to the duffle bag, Mint also offers lunch boxes and backpacks to complete the set.


Also available are duffle bags from Stephen Joseph, a leading designer of child oriented bags and accessories. Stephen Joseph bags are manufactured from 100% quilted cotton, meaning they are not only fashionable, but also easily machine washable for all of those unexpected accidents. Not quite as big as the bags offered by Mint, Stephen Joseph’s duffle bags measure a smaller 15” by 9.” Still, as a gift to a new mom looking to carry some baby accessories around, or a child looking to head over to their friend’s house for the night, Stephen Joseph duffle bags are a great size to carry all of the essentials for any occasion.


Back in April, we heard from a customer of ours by the name of Jami. She was getting ready to head out on a family vacation, and unlike previous trips where her kids were restless and unwilling to help out getting things prepared for the time away, this time things were different. Jami ordered her children, Adam and Lynn, a set of duffle bags so that they would be able to identify their own bags of things, and help keep some clutter out of her own purse and bag we’re sure. Posy Lane was able to rush deliver the duffle bags to her for her vacation, and we were surprised to find out from her that instead of sitting around, Adam and Lynn actually wanted to help their mom out with the trip packing. "Thank you for rushing the kid’s duffle bags to us, they made it just in time for our vacation trip. Adam and Lynn were very eager to help pack. Thanks again!"


Considering the quality of both Stephen Joseph’s and Mint’s duffle bags, it’s no wonder we receive as many emails as we do regarding how much our customers enjoy their purchase and how helpful the bags have been for either themselves or their children. Posy Lane does its best to help customers like Jami get their bags and products in time for special events like family vacations.


If you’re on the fence about buying one of these for your child, consider this. Most backpacks and bags are not only expensive, in the hands of children they’re sure to break a few months down the line anyway. Mint and Stephen Joseph have built a reputation for themselves as the leading manufacturers of personalized duffle bags and offer a variety of color and customization options, unlike other retailers. The bags are much cheaper than traditional small duffle or overnight bags and with a custom color set and impeccable quality, it’s a no brainer why mom’s like Jami are happy they purchased one.


As an unforeseen benefit, if you’re thinking of purchasing one of these for your little one, you can help them learn to limit their packing for trips. Instead of bringing all of their favorite toys over to their friends’ houses, you can help them figure out what they can and can’t fit inside of their personalized duffel bag. The colors and name printed on the bag are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face as he or she packs for their next trip, as they know that the bag is theirs and it doesn’t have a “mom and dad” feel to it.