Posy Lane prides itself on the customer service job we perform. Every order that comes in is processed as quickly as possible to have it out the door on its way to you right away. And without sacrificing quality, we can complete large or rush orders if you need something right away.

“I was heading off to college this year and wanted to buy my sorority mentor a small gift to show my appreciation for what she’d done for me. I purchased one of your personalized laundry bags and realized that when it arrived, I’d ordered the wrong colors!! Lol, I probably don’t have to say that my sister wasn’t pleased. I contacted you guys about sending it back for a return and you took care of it all. Now my gift is actually the right school colors and I don’t look like a complete freshman fool anymore!” – Jessica, University of Michigan

We get a lot of emails and questions ab out the matching process for Mint and similar bags. Because it can be tough to tell what colors are what in an online environment, we offer you the option to “Match Border” in your order form. You can avoid color confusion with your final order if you let us handle all of the color matching for your order so that you can avoid a situation like Jessica’s above and order the right school colors the first time around!

Personalized laundry bags make a great going away gift a gift to show your appreciation for someone else. They’re cheap and easy to personalize and actually have a practical use, unlike other gifts that just end up sitting on a bookshelf or in a box because they’re purely decorative. Laundry bags and baskets are overpriced in many retail outlets, and for a cheap bag or basket that’ll more than likely break in a few weeks time, you’ll pay top dollar. Our quality bags made from nylon don’t show wear as easily as other fabrics, and with a draw string and shoulder strap to make carrying the clothes to the laundry room easier, you can avoid damage brought on by having to drag a heavy laundry bag down a dorm room hall.

And believe it or not, we’ve seen people purchase these laundry bags not just for laundry. As general storage bags during house moving, it’s easy to keep track of everyone’s blankets or clothes in a bag that already has their name on it as opposed to ending up with a lot of clothes hangers and makeshift clothes hanging space in the moving truck to try and distinguish between everyone’s clothes.

If you decide to purchase a laundry bag from us, please let us know what you think by sending us an email or contacting us on Facebook. We love getting photos of people with their new Posy Lane gear. And as always, if you have any questions regarding the shipping or buying process, don’t hesitate to ask.

"I was so tardy ordering graduation gifts this year! I ordered two embroidered Mint laundry bags on Sunday 6/6 (graduation is 6/11). I received them in California on 6/9-AMAZING!! Thanks!" Ginger B, 6/10/2010

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Personalized laundry bags are wildly popular at graduation and off-to-college time!

Our Mint laundry bags match the huge Mint product line of bath towel wraps, duffle bags and much more and come in both boy and girl themes.  Most feature all-nylon or canvas construction, a draw-string and shoulder strap – no more lugging around a full laundry bag by the drawstrings!  They measure 22.5" x 31".  I can tell you from with certainty that there are some brightly colored Mint bags helping our troops over in Afghanistan and Iraq (the story is always the same - no more missing laundry bags!).

Our bags are really easy to personalize and we make the embroidery nice and big, about 7.5" across the middle of the laundry bag.  As always, select "Match Border" and we will choose the correct matching embroidery thread when personalizing.  A number of our bags match college/university colors and look great monogrammed!


Laundry bags have become extremely popular gifts to give students heading off to college in the fall. And considering that you can pick up one of our personalized laundry bags for a little more than $20, we know why they fly off the shelves at the start of every school year.


The 14 Mint laundry bags we have all come in the same colors that other Mint products do. Their signature design matches well with all of their other product lineups including their duffle bags and bath towels. And since the laundry bags come in both boy and girl themed colors, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something that fits your own personal taste quite well. Most bags are made entirely from nylon, making it extremely sturdy even when carrying the heaviest of loads. Also attached are a draw string and shoulder strap, allowing you to tie your laundry up and sling it over your shoulder as opposed to dragging it down the stairs or hall to the laundry room. The bags measure 22.5” by 31” and we can assure you that even though they’re brightly colored, we’ve still received orders from service members in Iraq and Afghanistan that were having trouble finding their laundry bags. The bright colors really do help!


We do our best to make it extremely easy to personalize all of our laundry bags. Each embroidery job we do ensures that the letters are large and cover about 7.5” of space across the center of each bag. This is to ensure that you can read it even from a distance. And if you’re unsure about what colors to choose for the border around the laundry bag you’re customizing, we have an easy to use “Match Border” option that will allow you to pass the responsibility on to us to take care of the matching. We’ve been doing this for a while, so we hope you trust us to pick just the right color for the job!