We periodically get women's towel wrap sizing questions and that has prompted me to write this post as a guide to towel wrap sizing. We also have a guide for the men folk here. With many of our adult cotton towel wraps, we now carry up to four sizes - 'adult', 'adult plus', 'queen' and 'empress'. These sizes cover women from petit to approximatly 7XL.


Hip and bust size
Generally, the hips and bust are what want to poke out of a wrap. The towel wrap versus clothing size chart below gives the standard measurement for the bust and hips versus clothing sizes. If God has blessed you with a little hip or bust than average, please use those columns to size your wrap. Pick the wrap size that covers both!


Each wrap works over a range of sizes, but you will be happiest with your wrap the closer to the center of the sizing guide you get (Empress wraps still fit well at the upper end of the range). Wraps too undersized won't overlap as much as you would like or will feel a little tight. Wraps too over-sized will be hard to keep on.


How to use the size table below
Because wraps are size-adjustable over a wide range, we carry four sizes of adult wraps that fit ladies from petite to 7XL. Here are some examples of finding the correct size.


#1 You normally wear size 12. Adult Plus is the perfect size.


#2 You normally wear 2X, size 22. That is a size where both Queen and Empress will fit you. If you have an average body type, a Queen is a better fit (22 is closer to the center of the Queen Range). If God has blessed you with more bust or hips than average, Empress will be a better fit.


size numeric Waist (inches) Hip (inches) Bust (inches)
0 23 34 30 Adult
xxs 1 24 35 31 Adult
xs 2 25 36 32 Adult
s 4 26 37 33 Adult Adult Plus
6 27 38 34 Adult Adult Plus
m 8 28 39 35 Adult Adult Plus
10 29 40 36 Adult Adult Plus
l 12 31 42 38 Adult Plus Queen
14 32 43 40 Adult Plus Queen
xl 16 34 45 42 Adult Plus Queen
19 35 47 44 Adult Plus Queen Empress
2X 22 40 51 48 Queen Empress
3X 25 44 55 52 Queen Empress
4X 29 48 47 57 Queen Empress
5X 33 52 63 61 Empress
6X 37 56 66 66 Empress
7x 41 60 69 69 Empress

Table 1 - towel wrap size versus bust and hip size



Towel wrap length
To know where the towel wrap will come to, measure down the length of the towel wrap, starting from under the arms. Do you need a length you don't see on our site? We can make a custom length wrap out of ten cotton colors - white, black, baby pink, baby blue, silver, red, turquoise, hot pink, lime green, chocolate, and navy.


First, some comments about "Adult" size
"Adult" sized wraps (most of what you see on the web) are for thinner than average adults. This size of wrap is made overseas and to lower the price of the wraps, they run small to save on materials. "Adult" sized wraps will be small on the average size lady. Our wraps will last many years, and having the wrap fit just right will make it a wrap you love to use every morning.


Our "adult plus" wraps are made in the USA, and this size of wrap is more in line with the average lady. The "adult" and "adult plus" wraps are generally only available in one length. Generally the fabric is valour on the outside, and is the same between the "adult" and "adult plus" wraps.


The Queen and Empress wraps are also made in the USA, and are available in a standard length and in an extra long for taller women. We have them dyed to match our "adult" and "adult plus" wraps so these are great options for bridal parties or spas where you want a set of wraps to match as close as possible. The fabric on these wraps is a 10oz/yard (medium to a little above medium in weight) terry cloth on both sides so does not match the "adult" and "adult plus" fabric.